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Hope Rocks - Custom Engraved Stones

It is our first priority to produce for you the absolute best engraved rock available anywhere. If you are not satisifed with the process or end product, we will refund your money.

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First, let me thank you again for visiting our website. It means alot to us that you want to know more about who we are. So let me begin...

Who We Are...

Hope Rocks! is a family owned business by myself (David) and my lovely wife Dionne, and 4 strong boys (which come in REALLY handy!)  We also added beautiful daughters in 2008 and 2013 to our clan.   We have been engraving rocks for about 12 years now, and our business has been steadily growing in popularity since its first day. The most important thing you should know about our business is that we put customer service first.  Period.

For an example of what our customers think about us, you should visit our customer testimonials page.

Some of you may have guessed, that the name "Hope Rocks" has a double meaning, and for us that meaning is clear in the hope that we have through Jesus Christ.  This business, in addition to providing a valuable service to those who need engraved stones, can provide comfort for those who need it, or joy to those celebrating some of life's most precious events.

Why We Engrave Rocks...

We started engraving rocks because we wanted one.  We ended up on a waiting list for about 8 months in order to get one from a local engraver.  Finally, we ended up with a rock for our yard.  But that wait started the process that has brought us to today.

We continue to engrave custom rocks because we love it.  We love the final product that has our unique engraving expertise combined with your most desired look and spirit.  There is a great deal of satisfaction working with customers one on one, and giving them exactly the right stone with exactly the right engraving.   Nothing is better than seeing a customer's face when they first look at the stone and are amazed..

Where We Are Located...

We are located just outside of Louisville, NE, south of Omaha, NE about 25 miles.  The internet has made it possible to serve customers all over the United States, and even several international locations have our custom engraved stones.