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Why should you purchase an engraved memory stone from us? The reason is quite simple.

We offer a unique design process that allows you to specify what you would like to see on a rock that will best fit their spirit. You don't want a generic stone with little input into the design process, because this will not truly reflect who your loved one was. Honestly, we don't want to make one either.

We offer a truly customized design process that gives you a great deal of freedom and creative control into the design. The result of this process is an engraved memorial stone that will be truly impressive in design and engraved quality.

One of the most difficult things in this life is losing a special loved one or friend. While these stones can do nothing to change the reality of their absence, they can bring a little comfort and beauty into something that is painful. Let us help celebrate their life by creating an engraved memory stone that glorifies their spirit! We know what it feels like to lose a loved one, and we will take all the time necessary to ensure that you have precisely the stone and design that best fits their spirit.

Our promise to you is this: You will be thrilled with the design of your memorial stone, or we will help you find someplace else to help you out. If we cannot design a rock that you will cherish forever, then we do not want to engrave your rock.

Only after an extensive design process and your approval will we engrave the memorial stone to honor your loved one.